Automate Front and Back Standard Operating Procedures

June 1, 2022


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Automate temperature checks and monitor variances with artificial intelligence

Restaurants are under constant pressure to maintain high standards of food safety at low costs. One focus area is ensuring food is stored at the correct temperatures. This can be a challenge, as restaurants must take temperatures throughout the day and store that data for audit purposes.

Managing food safety protocols

Restaurants are required to follow standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure food safety and to remain compliant with local health regulations. Some of the requirements include:

  • Taking temperatures of refrigerated and frozen food items throughout the day
  • Storing data from these temperature checks in an auditable system
  • Auditing this data regularly

Recording and documenting temperatures burdens an already overworked staff. Many times temperature checks are not monitored on time or worse, modified after the fact. Some restaurants have eliminated manual temperature checks and have instrumented refrigerators and freezers with IoT-enabled devices to help automate some of these compliance requirements. However, IoT solutions are often too expensive to generate a meaningful return on investment (ROI).

Automating and monitoring temperature checks with artificial intelligence

Krista provides a structured approach to gathering and documenting temperature checks. Krista’s automated workflows are conversations between your people and systems. These conversations use natural language processing (NLP) and understand how your people already communicate. Krista’s NLP significantly reduces user training needs since the interface is similar to messaging apps your people already use.

Krista automates data collection in customizable workflows. Restaurant operations and quality teams build automated conversations in Krista to help staff to gather and document required temperature and safety checks. Krista collects and stores temperature data from photos using computer vision or staff can input data into a mobile device or tablet. Krista’s artificial intelligence (AI) identifies anomalies in your temperature data and alerts appropriate team members that there may be a safety issue.

Krista streamlines and automates compliance checks, data collection, and reporting at much lower costs than IoT alternatives.

A national restaurant chain uses Krista to automate temperature procedures

A national restaurant chain uses Krista to collect food and equipment temperature checks and detect variances using AI. Restaurant operations digitize standard operating procedures (SOPs) as conversations based on a restaurant’s location and local mandates.

Restaurant managers and employees use their smartphones and tablets to take photographs of thermometers or enter information in a mobile app. Krista uses computer vision to extract temperature data and stores records for compliance and auditing purposes. Digitizing the process from paper-based reports has improved data collection for this restaurant and eliminated administrative reporting burdens.

Krista helps the restaurant chain maintain health and food safety by automating processes using AI. The automated processes significantly reduced training needs by using digital operating procedures on smartphones. The restaurant chain anticipates using AI across other procedures and scaling across to other restaurant functions in the chain like supply chain, finance, and customer experience.

If you are responsible for ensuring that your restaurant complies with all health and safety regulations, then you should consider using Krista to automate compliance and safety procedures.

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