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Krista Low-Code Application Platform


The Low-Code Goal

A low-code application platform (LCAP) enables businesses to quickly develop and deploy business applications with less code and fewer dependencies. Low-code development platforms typically require fewer coding skills to create apps, so business users, or “citizen developers, can use drag and drop functions to build business apps for their use or their organization’s use. LCAPs provide rapid application development and deployment using declarative, model-driven application design and development techniques to simplify application deployment and digital transformation.

“We tried and failed to achieve a productive salesperson. We found we were asking them to read and update too many disparate apps. We were constantly training and getting nowhere. Now they are extremely productive since everything they need is in Krista. We don’t train our people on Krista; they just use it.”

CEO National Building Materials Manufacturer

Low-Code Platform Capabilities

A low-code development platform provides basic application development capabilities, such as a low-code development environment, an application model or repository, integration tools to connect with existing enterprise systems, and “one button” deployment management. However, most low-code platforms require professional and citizen developers to work together on every change. Doing so creates a dependency in the application delivery process and is counterproductive. An effective low-code development platform or citizen developer project must also address enterprise IT needs such as governance, security, integration, portability, and scalability without constraining responsiveness. Low-code application platform initiatives that do not simultaneously optimize enterprise IT and business needs are likely to fail.


The Automation is the App

Krista is a low-code development platform enabling your business to quickly develop and deploy automated business processes across your applications. Krista’s low-code development environment simplifies deployment and digital transformation, while her unique “nothing-like-code” iPaaS decouples business logic from enterprise system integrations. Decoupling business logic from integration technology allows citizen developers to quickly create sophisticated automations using Krista’s drag and drop “ask a system,” “ask a person,” or “ask Krista” conversational automation model. Krista’s natural language processing (NLP) conversational approach means automations are easy to interact with since interactions and navigation are similar to what users already use–messaging. Krista enables anyone to build conversational workflows across people, enterprise systems, and AI.

Krista Low-Code Application Platform Leads to Intelligent Automation

Krista’s low-code capabilities solve problems only an industry-leading intelligent automation platform can achieve.

Outcome Focused

Low-code platforms can often be difficult to integrate with existing enterprise systems, limiting their usefulness. Krista enables you to quickly develop and deploy automated business processes across departments focused on achieving specific business outcomes.

Minutes Not Months

No code platforms typically require traditional software development skills and software development lifecycle processes. Krista's unique “nothing like code” decouples business logic from system connections enabling the business to change in minutes and not wait months.

Reduces User Complexity

More apps increase complexity. The average knowledge worker switches 1,100 times per day between 35 job-critical applications, and studies indicate we need 500 million more apps to support digital transformation. Krista dramatically reduces app complexity for your people and speeds their productivity by becoming an NLP interface for all their technology needs.

Leverages AI & ML

Every other low-code platform requires custom code and complex app development work to integrate artificial intelligence. Krista allows citizen developers to create and easily maintain machine learning models for hundreds of automation opportunities to optimize your business processes.

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