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Every Company Will Deploy Artificial Intelligence

Every company will deploy artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the future. AI can already do so much and will only become more advanced and widespread as time goes on. Companies use AI to remain competitive, or they’ll quickly fall behind rivals taking advantage of AI. AI saves companies time and money by automating tasks, improving customer service, boosting sales, and producing information to make better decisions and improve processes. However, many organizations struggle with getting started or expanding their use of AI due to the expertise and resources required to deploy custom AI.

“The value for us is prioritizing the hours to turn unstructured data into a product that allows us to evaluate a particular company and then accurately present that company to potential acquirers. Krista will enable us to digest data, both text, and numbers, to structure data to make decisions using AI and ML."

Billy Birdzell, General Manager, Horatius Group

Krista Removes AI-Deployment Barriers

Krista operationalizes and simplifies AI user experiences so your teams can produce more value. Krista customers build sophisticated AI applications without programming or specialized skills. Krista’s iPaaS and built-in ML enable your businesspeople and analysts to create machine learning models as automated conversations between people, systems, and artificial intelligence. Krista simplifies building, deploying, and integrating AI into new or existing business processes or to create new ones. Krista provides systematic cost-cutting solutions for data collection, model training, MLOps, building trust or “human-in-the-loop,” and reducing operational overhead in any AI or automation project. Businesses can successfully and cost-effectively implement AI and see a higher ROI on their artificial intelligence investments with Krista.

Ask Krista Deploys AI for You

Ask Krista uses natural language processing (NLP), enabling your employees to describe the functions needed as an automated conversation between people, systems, and artificial intelligence. Krista’s NLP improves experiences for your employees and customers to quickly get up and running with your own AI, leverage third-party models, or take advantage of the growing library of bespoke AI solutions in the marketplace. Krista’s low-code interface makes it easy to build and deploy AI in the most efficient way possible without needing a data science team or special programming skills.

Ask Krista Provides a Path to the Autonomous Organization

Krista’s low-code and iPaaS capabilities remove barriers to deploying AI and ML.

Outcome Focused

Typical AI deployments struggle to advance past answers on your data scientist’s notebook. Krista enables you to quickly develop and deploy AI across departments focused on achieving and optimizing complete business outcomes.

Minutes Not Months

Krista abstracts the need to manipulate and train models, making it possible for non-technical users to get started with AI immediately. Krista constantly learns and evolves with your business by continuously training machine learning, so it improves over time.

Reduces Complexity

Krista dramatically reduces AI complexity for your people and speeds their productivity with simple NLP interfaces for interacting with technology. Users view AI answers in a conversational interface and can agree or correct model decisions as they build trust in AI.

AI & ML at Lower Costs

The global ROI for deploying AI is an average of 1.3%. Krista builds and integrates AI with a whole new economic model allowing you to deploy solutions at dramatically lower costs in less time.

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