Intelligent Automation for Healthcare

AI-led Automation for Healthcare


Exposing Administrative Burdens in Healthcare Efficiency

Healthcare professionals grapple with increasing administrative burdens and fragmented systems. Nurses find themselves entangled in complex software systems compromising valuable time that could be spent with patients. Too often nurses and practitioners are forced to enter data across multiple systems, significantly reducing their efficiency and negatively impacting patient care quality.

AI-led tools "Focus more on context and adapting to people and less on task and process flows...[and] AI-led process improvement will take a people-first approach. Context will drive required actions within a single UI experience centered around the customer or employee journey.” - Forrester

Twelve Criteria Help Choose Among DPA, Embedded Process Support, RPA, And AI-Led Platforms, Forrester, October 2021

System Fragmentation Reduces Patient Care Quality

Without streamlined workflows between different platforms, nurses waste precious minutes, if not hours, logging into and navigating disparate systems. This disjointed flow not only hampers productivity but also introduces a higher risk of errors, jeopardizing patient safety and health outcomes. This inefficient, time-consuming approach is no longer sustainable especially as healthcare needs grow.


Revolutionizing Healthcare with Krista’s AI-led Intelligent Automation

Krista’s AI-led intelligent automation reduces data entry and removes administration burdens for healthcare professionals. With a conversational interface and a robust integration platform, Krista automates processes across multiple systems, reducing time spent on navigating software and data entry tasks. With Krista, healthcare professionals can focus on providing outstanding patient care.

AI-led Automation Use Cases

Healthcare organizations can apply AI and automation to several functions to improve outcomes. Some examples include:

Natural Language Understanding

Nurse Assistants

AI assistants dramatically reduce administrative time, enabling nurses to focus on delivering high-quality, personalized patient care.

Patient Assistants

AI-led chat interfaces provide personalized support and services based on patient profiles and needs during their care.

Implement any AI

Intelligent automation standardizes processes allowing AI to do more work instead of burdening your employees.

Audit and Assurance

IA collects and structures data from claims to make informed decisions saving time and resources during processing.

Employee Assistants

Provide generative AI interfaces to help employees navigate your internal knowledge management and human resources systems.

Reduce Costs

Decrease operating costs, increase productivity and explore new continuous improvement opportunities.

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Krista Intelligent Document Understanding

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