Improve Customer Service with AI-led Automated Responses

Advances in natural language processing enable AI to read, understand, and reply to customer inquiries.

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Who is Krista for?

Whether you’re in customer service, operations, or IT, Krista automates and improves responses to customer inquiries.

You want to improve the quality and speed of customer service responses.

Krista automates responses to common inquiries and assists representatives by providing them with information from integrated systems.

You are challenged to quickly access and relay accurate information from multiple systems.

Krista quickly summarizes answers retrieved from your SOPs, policies, and documents, providing concise responses and improving response times and accuracy.

You are looking for ways to optimize customer service operations and reduce costs.

Krista responds to customer emails 24x7 and deflects the work from agents who can focus on more important thinking activities.

You need to integrate AI with existing systems and not compromise data security or compliance.

Krista's unique 'nothing like code' platform easily integrates AI with current systems, ensuring data security, compliance, and scale.

How Krista Helps You

Krista uses natural language processes to understand your customers’ needs and suggests how to help them.


Automates Responses to Emails and Chats

Krista AI analyzes incoming requests and sorts them for the next steps. This includes tasks like reviewing FAQs, providing responses, checking statuses, or summarizing updates. With AI categorization, there’s no need to create manual rules that require ongoing maintenance.


Enhances and Improves Customer Satisfaction

By analyzing past interactions, Krista personalizes responses and recommendations using only your data, fostering stronger customer relationships.


Orchestrates and Automates Customer Service Processes

Krista orchestrates processes for team members and reduces reliance on app or procedural training, allowing representatives to focus on enhancing the quality of service.


Scalable and Adaptable

Easily adapt and update AI services and models to ensure your technology evolves alongside your business needs.


Secure Role-Based Access

Krista integrates seamlessly with existing systems without compromising data security or compliance, ensuring peace of mind.

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Continuously Improves

Krista learns from every interaction, continuously improving her ability to resolve issues and deliver exceptional service.

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Why Krista?

Enterprise-wide AI

Rapid cost-effective deployments

Confident and accurate

How Krista Works

Krista Connects to Your Email Inboxes

Krista directly integrates with your email inboxes and ticketing systems. She immediately starts reading content, including text and attachments, ensuring a full understanding of every customer query.

Krista Analyzes and Calculates Attributes

Krista applies advanced machine learning to extract and analyze key message attributes like intent and sentiment and categorizes them into request types. This step turns raw data into actionable insights, ready for next-best-action decisions.

Krista Generates a Confidence Score

Using proprietary algorithms, Krista evaluates the insights to produce a confidence score. This score guides Krista in determining how to respond to or escalate each inquiry effectively. Moderate or low confidence means Krista asks an agent to confirm her work and then retrains AI models based on the response.

Automate Resolutions with Krista

Krista uses the confidence score to either autonomously resolve the issue with a precise response or to escalate it to a human agent for a more personalized touch.

Krista Routes Issues to the Right Agents

Krista routes issues to the appropriate agent when human intervention is required based on the confidence score. This ensures that customers always benefit from a blend of Krista’s efficiency and an agent’s knowledge and understanding.

Agents Quickly Resolve Issues with Krista's Help

Agents access the information they need to resolve issues using Krista’s automation capabilities and her connections to various systems like accounting, sales, support, and ERP, all with secure role-based access.

Continuous Learning and Improvement with Krista

Krista refines her machine-learning models with each human interaction, improving their decision-making and issue-resolution capabilities. This ongoing learning process means Krista gets better at automatically resolving more issues, boosting both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Deploy your AI-led email responder in minutes

Krista helps you deploy AI easier and faster than you could ever imagine. Try Krista today.

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