Simplify Any Workflow in Your Organization and Drive Productivity with AI Assistance

Orchestrate processes across your organization with an AI-led Assistant—secure, accurate, and tailored to each employee.  

Who is Krista for?

Whether you’re in operations, sales, human resources, or IT, Krista improves your employee experiences at lower costs.

You've used or evaluated copilots but found their scope too narrow.

Unlike generic chatbots and copilots, Krista integrates with your systems to orchestrate processes across systems.

You've tried ChatGPT and Gemini but can't get them to work correctly.

It is important to deliver accurate answers to the right roles based on the correct information.

You are concerned about data security and privacy.

You need robust security and privacy measures to safeguard sensitive employee information and ensure compliance.

You need employees to receive accurate and up-to-date answers.

Eliminating the risk of hallucinations and misinformation fosters trust in your workforce.

How Krista Accurately Answers Any Question

Krista orchestrates knowledge management across every department.


Drives Efficiency Across Your Organization

Free teams from repetitive questions and empower them to focus on strategic work. Krista provides answers to common inquiries, allowing employees across departments to dedicate their time to high-impact projects.


Provides Contextual Answers Across Your Organization

Instantly answer any question about policies, procedures, project status, data, and systems based on each employee’s role and unique customer interaction. Krista reduces time spent searching for information and enhances employee satisfaction with immediate, accurate responses.


Accelerates Your Business with Self-Service Knowledge

Streamline operations and empower employees to find answers independently. Krista provides personalized guidance on policies, procedures, and best practices, boosting engagement and knowledge acquisition.


Ensures Consistent and Reliable Information

Empower teams with a single source of truth for company-wide policies, procedures, and knowledge. Krista eliminates misinformation and fosters trust by providing accurate, up-to-date answers directly from your approved sources.


Maintains Robust Data Security

Protect sensitive company and employee information with Krista’s advanced security measures. Ensure compliance and confidently implement an AI solution that prioritizes data privacy and protection.

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Experience Rapid Time-to-Value

Avoid lengthy development cycles and quickly deploy an enterprise-wide AI assistant. Krista’s integration methods enable fast deployment, allowing you to realize benefits in weeks and expand your AI initiatives sooner than assembling open-source software.

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Why Krista?

Enterprise-wide AI

Rapid cost-effective deployments

Confident and accurate

How Krista Works

Krista Reads and Understands your Policies and FAQ Documents

Krista reads your knowledge management systems and standard operating procedure documents and uses this content to answer employee questions.

Krista Understands Access, Security Controls, and Efficacy Dates

Krista helps you define specific attributes to the documents to delineate who has access to them based on roles, geographic locations, and time. Krista’s security controls restrict viewing sensitive documents to authorized personnel only and provide answers on only the most current policies.

Krista Retrieves Your Real-Time Data to Generate Answers

Krista integrates with any of your systems via APIs for real-time data retrieval based on the context of the question or request. It’s crucial to support dynamic data that may fluctuate, such as employee or policy status, in order to generate accurate answers.

Krista Provides Accurate Answers in an Intuitive Conversational Interface

Krista is capable of answering questions about stored documents and real-time data 24/7. She is sophisticated enough to recognize and handle context-specific questions about company policies that vary by role, business unit, and country.

Deploy your AI-led knowledge management assistant in weeks, not months

Krista helps you deploy AI easier and faster than you could ever imagine. Try Krista today.

Setup Guide: How to Deploy AI to Respond to Emails

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