Technology that Understands People

We think differently. Our work is more than an equation or the man behind the curtain.

It involves listening, understanding, artistry, and leadership.

We are the future of intelligent automation, a conversational AI platform with a belief in Utopia.

You don’t hear that much. It’s found in perfectly conceived solutions and a culture that leaves no one behind.

We have created technology that understands people. All people.

Krista Partner Ecosystem

Krista’s intelligent automation community of recognized technology and delivery leaders provides customers with the most advanced automation. Explore our partner ecosystem here.

Meet our Leaders

Michael Haske

Chief Executive Officer

Building a company that is building technology that understands people.

John Michelsen

CPO, Co-Founder

I’m determined to deliver on our mission to stop making people understand technology, and make technology that understands people. That’s what Krista is all about.

Tony Piccin

Vice President of Finance and Accounting
Tony Piccin profile

I strategically manage financial resources and oversee the accounting processes to ensure our continued growth and success, enabling us to develop innovative AI solutions that positively impact the world.

Pablo Gargiulo

Chief Revenue Officer

Embracing AI is not just about harnessing technology it's about unlocking more human potential.

Anita Pandey

Chief Marketing Officer

AI is transforming and forging newer and faster connections to improve how technology is helping people improve companies and customer interactions.

Scott King

VP Marketing
Scott King

I simplify complexity.

Chris Kraus

VP of Product

Bring amazing technology together with the simple philosophy that humans naturally communicate in conversations.

Sam Abadir

VP Solutions

I measure and mitigate risk using automation and AI.

Luther Birdzell

Chief Data Scientist

I am passionate about making humanity’s collective artificial intelligence understandable to people and systems.

What is Krista?

Krista is Intelligent Automation

Use AI to expand your automation use for even higher returns on digital transformations.

Automates End-to-End Business Outcomes

Automation helps your teams deliver services more efficiently and more personally.

Changes Take Minutes vs. Months

Automate processes across disparate tools to speed delivery and reduce jobs in the backlog.

Strong, Secure,and Flexible

Optimize employee engagement and customer retention across the omnichannel with conversational automation.

Key to Digital Transformation

Call on automation to improve the performance of everything from network ops to retail shops.


Krista Software Top Conversational Platform
Krista Hot Vendor
KristaSoft Badge by Intellyx


We are fortunate to have investors and partners who understand innovation and how the future of work evolves with conversational AI. Our investors include Banneker Partners, Grotech Ventures, and Rally Ventures.

News From Krista

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