Intelligent Automation for Restaurant and Hospitality

Intelligent Automation for Restaurants and Hospitality

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Restaurant Operations are Complex

National restaurants face complex issues. High turnover rates, operationalizing processes across multiple locations, managing supply chains, and digitizing the customer experience challenge every brand and franchisee. The global pandemic further complicated operations by forcing restaurants to adapt business models and labor schedules for serving take-out, off-premise, and in-restaurant guests.

Restaurants must continue to safely operate and streamline restaurant processes, optimize menus, accelerate technology adoption to meet varying demand, manage operational constraints, and enhance customer experiences.

AI-led tools "Focus more on context and adapting to people and less on task and process flows...[and] AI-led process improvement will take a people-first approach. Context will drive required actions within a single UI experience centered around the customer or employee journey.” - Forrester

Twelve Criteria Help Choose Among DPA, Embedded Process Support, RPA, And AI-Led Platforms, Forrester, October 2021

Restaurants Are All About People

Restaurants are all about people. From the customers who patronize the establishment to the employees who work there, restaurants rely on people to keep things running smoothly. Therefore, restaurant chains must have systems and processes in place to provide consistent experiences and superior quality for both customers and employees.

Automating hiring, human resources, and HACCP plans using an intelligent automation platform in repeatable processes speeds data capture, streamlines audit processes, and reduces the likelihood of errors. Technological advancements in natural language processing (NLP) and conversational AI help reduce constant training needs by providing digital instructions and checklists in easy-to-follow everyday language.

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Krista Automates Operations Processes

Krista is an AI-led intelligent automation platform enabling restaurant operators to automate business processes across people, systems, and AI. Krista helps restaurant headquarters and individual locations improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and enhance employee and customer experiences.

Krista’s natural language processing and low-code automation platform provide a simple method to repeatedly automate front-of-house and back-of-house operations from one central location. Krista shifts process burdens to software and away from people to save time and money while ensuring consistency across your people and systems. Krista offers a suite of solutions and use cases that can be customized to fit the needs of any restaurant chain.

Intelligent Automation Use Cases

Restaurants apply intelligent automation to several business functions to increase outcomes. Some examples include:

Employee Engagement

Recruiting and

Krista converses with recruits to screen, schedule, and hire your next employee faster.

Employee Onboarding Offboarding

Employee Onboarding and Training

Krista onboards employees via automated checklists to ensure that new hires are properly trained and have all the necessary information to do their job.

Standard Operating Procedures

Krista provides employees with pre-meal checklists to ensure quality processes are followed. Operations can implement changes in real-time vs. sending training materials to ensure changes are immediately implemented.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Krista automates and stores records for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans.


Krista enables employees to access and update their personal information, view their work schedule, and request time off.

Natural Language Understanding

Customer Experience Management

Krista helps restaurants manage customer experiences by using conversational AI to answer questions, take orders, and make reservations.

Other available resources

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How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Quality Restaurant Employees

Restaurants can improve recruiting and hiring processes is with AI assistants like Krista. AI assistants enable applicants to apply for positions at specific locations in seconds via text messages.

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Automate Front and Back Standard Operating Procedures

Krista helps the restaurant chain maintain health and food safety by automating processes using AI. The automated processes significantly reduced training needs by using digital operating procedures.

Automation Fabric

The Path to the Automation Fabric

“The Path to the Automation Fabric” describes how you can orchestrate your automation tools and software across people and systems to improve complete business outcomes.

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