Krista AI Integration Platform as a Service (AI iPaaS)

AI Integration Platform as a Service (AI iPaaS)

Modern businesses require AI

As enterprises adopt more and more cloud-based applications, they are inevitably left with a complex landscape of legacy systems and a wide variety of technologies deployed across their organization. The landscape makes it difficult to streamline digital business processes and implement AI across all of the different data silos and application dependencies, leading to IT inefficiencies and lost productivity.

"Krista’s sweet spot is where multiple people and system capabilities must be orchestrated to perform a valuable business outcome, especially where changes to the process are frequent and machine learning could be applied to optimize the process."

Tom Reuner, HFS Research

Implementing AI across systems is challenging

Natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI have captivated us with their ability to automate mundane tasks, understand large amounts of data quickly, and provide contextually relevant answers. However, integrating and deploying these powerful tools is far from easy. Without the right infrastructure and technology in place, they are typically relegated to isolated point solutions or small pilots that lack scalability. As a result, many businesses fail to realize the full potential of these advanced AI technologies and remain stuck in inefficient processes. To truly unlock their capabilities, enterprises need an AI-driven platform that can integrate seamlessly with existing systems and scale as business needs change.

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Krista integrates any AI into your business

Krista’s AI iPaaS integrates and deploys third-party AI technologies and machine learning with your existing systems. Krista’s no-code AIPaaS enables you to easily implement AI into your business without manual coding, enabling your business to realize quick time to value. Krista’s API connectors and conversational automation interface provides role-based security access to help you govern data and create automated compliance processes. With these capabilities in place, you can finally take advantage of the full potential of natural language processing and generative AI without having to worry about integration complexities or scalability. Krista is the ideal AI platform for enterprises that want to ensure their data remains secure, use AI technologies effectively and efficiently, and stay competitive in today’s digital economy.

Krista Provides a Path to the Automated Organization

Krista’s iPaaS and Conversational AI reduce user complexity.

Outcome Focused

Krista is purpose-built to automate business outcomes across people, systems, and AI. Krista's iPaaS enables your teams to easily implement AI and construct automated business processes across required applications.

Minutes Not Months

Krista's iPaaS provides a public API connector catalog to help quickly build automations across your disparate applications. Krista's nothing-like code interface enables anyone to respond to business needs by building and modifying automated processes.

Reduces User Complexity

Krista's iPaaS provides a natural language interface allowing you to personify systems. Imagine if you could ask systems to perform requests as if they were a member of your team.

Leverages AI & ML

Krista is a nothing-like-code artificial intelligence integration platform that orchestrates your people, apps, and AI so you can optimize business outcomes. Krista builds and integrates machine learning, AI, and apps more simply than you can imagine.

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Krista’s platform meets enterprises’ urgent need to integrate AI at speed and scale

To cope with the increasing demand and variety of AI requirements, senior IT leaders must evaluate faster integration methods enabled by secure and easy-to- use features of a dedicated, enterprise-wide platform. Providers such as Krista can help fill this need.

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Datasheet | AI Integration Platform

Krista is an innovative platform enabling you to easily integrate any AI into your systems and processes to help your people get more done. Krista utilizes a low-code suite of tools enabling you to integrate AI into processes spanning your people, systems of record, data stores, messaging systems, and omnichannel.

Contact us to see how Krista can transform your tech--not your people.

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