Transform HR Operations with AI-Led Automation

Transform HR Operations with AI-Led Automation


HR Management Can Be Simplified

Human resource processes are overly complex forcing professionals to encounter multiple challenges. Numerous disparate IT systems and large sets of employee data overwhelm recruitment, employee onboarding, and retention strategies. This complexity usually results in operational bottlenecks that hinder your reputation and take up time meant for investing in strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

"Krista’s sweet spot is where multiple people and system capabilities must be orchestrated to perform a valuable business outcome, especially where changes to the process are frequent and machine learning could be applied to optimize the process."

Tom Reuner, HFS Research

HR Processes are Overly Manual

HR onboarding processes many times require frustrating repetitive manual data entry steps into disparate systems increasing the risks associated with human error. These inefficiencies not only affect your team’s productivity but also impact employee satisfaction and the overall health of your organization. Relying on outdated HR methods can leave you behind, struggling to keep up with compliance, employee expectations, and the latest industry trends.


Krista AI-led Conversational Automation

Krista is a cutting-edge AI-led automation platform designed specifically to orchestrate processes across your people, multiple systems and artificial intelligence. Krista revolutionizes how you manage HR processes by leveraging personalized automated journeys throughout each of your employees’ tenure.

Krista Automates HR Processes and Operations

Optimize HR processes with AI-led automation

Talent Acquisition

Krista efficiently screens and selects candidates according to job requirements, effectively saving valuable time and resources.

Employee Onboarding

Krista orchestrates the entire employee onboarding process by role from benefits, facilities, IT, and training eliminating manual checks and data entry.

AI Employee Assistant

Krista answers routine employee inquiries and requests freeing up time for meaningful engagement and captures insights for better decision-making and strategy development.

Employee Offboarding

Krista automates offboarding and IT de-provisioning as employees leave to ensure you effectively manage risk and compliance.

Other available resources

AI for Knowledge Management and Employee Engagement

Generative artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) are transforming complex and abundant data into user-friendly formats and therefore transforming knowledge management practices. Natural language processing (NLP) technology helps reduce challenges around capturing, storing, finding, and transferring knowledge to and from your employees potentially altering how information is managed across your organization.

Restaurant Hiring Case Study-1

Case Study: Using AI and Automation to Attract, Hire, and Retain Quality Employees

QR codes and text messaging are becoming increasingly popular methods for recruiting workers and scheduling interviews. Krista is leading the way in this trend by helping companies to attract and retain quality employees quickly and efficiently using technology immediately available to candidates.

Prioritizing Your AI Projects

ChatGPT’s recent popularity is causing business leaders to ask for more AI apps. The demand inside enterprises is so high chief information officers say they cannot keep up since building, training, and rolling out AI models is so expensive and takes too much time. Business leaders have seen generative AI and it has changed their expectations. Now that they have seen it, they are asking how to incorporate generative AI functionality like ChatGPT into the enterprise.

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