Identify and Manage Contract Risk with AI-powered Analysis

Krista’s document understanding and AI identifies risks in vendor and customer contracts in minutes.

Who is Krista for?

Whether you’re a contract manager, in-house counsel, risk manager, or procurement executive, Krista reduces your process cycle times and improves your risk visibility.

You struggle with time-consuming manual review and redlining of complex contracts

AI automates contract analysis, highlights key clauses, identifies risks, and shares your company’s preferred positions.

Contracts often contain hidden risks that can be missed during a manual review.

AI analyzes contract language, compares it against your internal standards and industry benchmarks, and proactively flags potential issues.

Negotiating favorable terms requires access to historical contracts and market data.

AI provides insights for better negotiation, ensuring contract terms align with your risk tolerance and business objectives.

Keeping up with complex and evolving regulatory requirements is a challenge.

AI monitors relevant regulations and flags potential non-compliance within existing and proposed contracts.

How Krista Improves Your Contracting and Risk Management Processes

Krista orchestrates your contract management processes across your people, systems, and AI.

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Accelerates Contract Review and Approval Cycles

Krista automates contract analysis, identifying key clauses, redlining, and summarizing potential risks. Krista reviews for risks against every department in your organization, informing your business about risks in minutes instead of weeks or months.


Ensures Compliance and Reduces Contractual Risk

Krista compares contracts against internal standards, commitments to other stakeholders, policies, and procedures, and relevant regulations, proactively flagging compliance gaps, unfavorable terms, and potential liabilities.


Enables Data-Driven Contract Negotiation

Krista analyzes your historical contracts and industry data to provide insights for better negotiation, ensuring contract terms align with your risk tolerance, business objectives, and market standards.


Identifies Potential Issues Before Contracts are Signed

Krista meticulously reviews contract language for discrepancies against your policies, surfacing potential risks that could lead to business disruption or financial losses.


Streamlines Vendor/Supplier Onboarding

Krista reduces time to contract by automating data extraction, pre-populating contracts, and identifying areas of concern during the onboarding process.


Increases Efficiency and Enhances Job Satisfaction

Krista empowers your contract management team to focus on strategic initiatives and high-value tasks by automating tedious manual review processes.


Why Krista?

Enterprise-wide AI

Rapid cost-effective deployments

Confident and accurate

How Krista Works

Upload Contract Documents to Krista

Upload your contract documents to Krista or integrate your existing contract management or legal tech platforms.

Select Standards for Comparison

Tailor Krista’s analysis to your specific needs by selecting the relevant standards against which you want to compare your contracts. Choose from pre-defined options or collaboratively configure custom standards to align with your organization’s unique requirements.

Review AI-Powered Insights

Review Krista’s comprehensive data-driven insights:

AI-Powered Redlining: Krista highlights potential risks, non-standard clauses, or areas for negotiation within the contract text, enabling quick identification of critical points.

Confidence Scoring:  Krista assigns a confidence score and presents contract reviewers with documentation citations, helping them make decisions quickly.

Risk Scoring: Krista produces a risk score based on your organization’s controls, allowing you to prioritize your review and mitigation efforts.

Gap Analysis: Discrepancies between the contract language and your chosen standards are clearly flagged, ensuring compliance and minimizing potential risks.

Data-Driven Insights: Krista provides actionable recommendations to support negotiation strategies and optimize contract terms for improved outcomes.

Collaborate with Krista

Krista orchestrates collaboration with all stakeholders throughout the contract review process:

Converse for Clarification: Engage in a dialogue with Krista to seek deeper explanations, request additional analysis on specific clauses, or explore alternative interpretations.

Automated Follow-ups: Krista proactively triggers reminders for missing information or clarifications on contractual language, ensuring a thorough and efficient review process.

Modernizes Your Current Systems

Krista integrates with your existing contract lifecycle management (CLM) or legal tech tools to modernize your processes. AI-generated insights, redlining, and risk summaries are automatically populated into your preferred systems, enhancing existing workflows by centralizing critical contract data.

Krista Orchestrates Your Entire Contract Workflow

Krista’s value extends beyond the initial assessment, providing continuous support throughout the contract lifecycle:

Revision Tracking: Krista assists in comparing different contract versions, highlighting changes made over time, and facilitating efficient amendment review.

Compliance Monitoring: Krista continuously monitors your contracts against evolving regulations and industry standards, automatically updating risk scores and alerting you to potential compliance issues.

Deploy your AI-led contract assistant in minutes

Krista helps you deploy AI easier and faster than you could ever imagine. Try Krista today.

Setup Guide: How to Deploy AI to Respond to Emails

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