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Zimperium is a pioneer in the mobile security space, safeguarding enterprise and government mobile devices in real-time against cyber threats. Protecting customers against these threats in a very fast and dynamic threat landscape inspired the team to reimagine the software release process to achieve continuously updated software. Zimperium met this challenge head-on by employing Krista’s AI orchestration to dramatically speed up software releases from pinpointing code and configuration issues to fixes, to streamlining multi-stakeholder approval processes to customer deployments. The bottomline: AI-orchestrated innovation that delivered real results for customers with dramatically faster security updates.

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Real Profitability:

Building a Sustainable Business Model

in productivity based cost savings in
Less than 60 days
reduction in secure code deployment
4+ hours to minutes

Real Innovation:

Innovation That Levels Up To The Speed & Scale of Attacks

With AI, we’ve cut down deployment times from hours to just minutes. Our AI & streamlined process automation has saved over USD 200,000 in labor costs in just a few months.
"Integrating IBM’s watson.ai cut down our training and deployment time significantly."
Luther Birdzell
Chief AI Officer, Krista Software

Real Reliability:

Eliminate Human Error

Did you know GenAI is only 5% of most real AI outcomes? Krista employs multiple types of AI & Automation to achieve real outcomes for Zimperium. For instance, ML is used for reliable and consistent pattern recognition of code and log files. NLP and LLMs generate simple, hallucination-free and intuitive findings and responses. Auto-retraining with human reinforcement learning continuously learns and accelerates in-context learning. AI Orchestration intelligently brings it altogether at machine speed by streamlining the coordination of people, processes, systems and AIs in workflows to automate entire outcomes with real results.
"AI has simplified our process, reducing the need to manually sift through large log files."
Vamsi Kurukuri
VP of Site Reliability, Zimperium

Real Empowerment:

Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

AI has created a really big shift in the way Zimperium engineers spend their time. They have gone from up to 4 hours of monitoring, finding and fixing problems to minutes with AI speeding up finding, testing and streamlining the approval process.
“The greatest measure of technology is how it affects its users. Our AI removes the burden of repetitive tasks, allowing teams to focus on innovation and strategy—key factors for satisfaction and retention.”
Vamsi Kurukuri
VP of Site Reliability, Zimperium

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