Conversational AI

Conversational AI

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What is Conversational AI? 

Conversational AI (CAI) uses artificial intelligence to enable humans to communicate with machines using natural language processing (NLP). This technology enables software to understand human communication and respond accordingly to help complete a specific step in a longer automated process.

"Krista’s sweet spot is where multiple people and system capabilities must be orchestrated to perform a valuable business outcome, especially where changes to the process are frequent and machine learning could be applied to optimize the process."

Tom Reuner, HFS Research

How does Conversational AI work?

Conversational AI technology relies on artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret and process human communication. These algorithms mimic how humans process language and have conversations with each other. When conversing with a machine powered by conversational AI, users can expect the machine to understand the communication and respond similarly to how a human would answer. Machines that understand people make technology easier to use and interact when seeking information or running a multi-step business process.

Krista Conversational AI

Krista connects conversational AI to your systems using her enterprise-grade iPaaS platform and natural language processing capabilities to enable your people to converse with multiple people and systems. Krista conversations are long-running automations that can answer simple questions, look up information, or use machine learning to predict a response. Krista orchestrates multi-step business processes across systems using conversational AI and is responsible for the ‘checklist’ between automated actions versus just answering FAQs. Krista manages processes across multiple systems, asks several people for feedback or approvals, and learns and builds machine learning to continuously improve and take on more work.

Krista is Enterprise Conversational AI

Krista Conversational AI reduces IT complexity and automates complete processes.

Outcome Focused

Krista orchestrates the work. Krista keeps track of all business process steps, system validations, and human responses in a single conversation. Most other CAI products are only suitable for ‘chatbot’ type task automations that are short, single-person, single-system integrations.

Minutes Not Months

Krista’s unique “nothing like code” integration platform reduces time to value and lowers the total cost of ownership compared to other CAI products. Other CAIs require development and SDLC skills to integrate systems.

Reduces User Complexity

Krista accepts user input as freeform text but processes it in structured messages. This means Krista can look up data from backend systems, structure charts, and provide pick lists. Other CAIs typically use unstructured, free-form text to message back and forth and often add complexity.

Leverages AI & ML

Krista enables your non-programming, non-data scientist employees to create and easily maintain machine learning models for hundreds of opportunities. Other Conversational AI software only offers NLP and cannot build, train, validate, or retrain machine learning models.

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Krista Software Top Conversational Platform

Krista Named Top Conversational Platform

CIO Review magazine named Krista a top conversational platform for intelligent automation and digital transformation.

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