Automatically populate and validate third-party risk assessments using AI

Use generative AI to complete your vendor’s risk assessments in minutes.

Who is Krista for?

Whether you are responsible for third-party risk and compliance, procurement, or information security, Krista improves your risk awareness.

You struggle with manual and time-consuming processes of collecting, reviewing, and assessing supplier documentation.

AI automates the data extraction and analysis from supplier documentation, populating SIGs or GRC applications in minutes.

It takes a lot of time to manually review security policies to capture the dynamic nature of your security posture.

AI continuously monitors policies to identify potential security threats so you can proactively mitigate risks.

You are challenged with identifying vendor capabilities and risks through disparate data sources.

AI consolidates and analyzes vendor data to enable more informed decision-making, optimizing the balance between cost, quality, and risk in vendor selection.

You are behind with tracking regulation changes and assessing vendor compliance.

AI automatically assesses and flags non-compliance issues among third-party vendors, reducing the risk of regulatory penalties.

How Krista Improves Third-Party Risk Management

Krista orchestrates your third-party risk management processeses across your people, systems, and AI.

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Completes and Validates Assessments in Minutes, Not Weeks

Krista completes and validates third-party risk assessments from diverse data sources, turning weeks of meticulous work into moments of unparalleled efficiency. This is especially beneficial for risk managers tasked with collecting supplier documentation and completing various assessments such as the SIG, compliance assessments, and ESG assessments.


Automatically Reads Assessment Answers and Creates Findings

Krista automatically reads supplier documentation, completes assessments, and generates findings. This capability is perfect for compliance officers and risk managers aiming to broaden risk coverage and awareness without expanding the team.


Improves Vendor Relationships

Your vendors hate answering assessments. It’s time-consuming and can interrupt other operations. Krista allows you to build better relationships because she does the tedious parts of answering and answering assessments through advanced document understanding AI and generative AI.


Completes Assessments with Generative AI without Hallucinations

Krista guarantees precision by verifying her output and citing sources, thus ensuring transparency and trust. Her advanced NLP capabilities prevent generating false or inaccurate responses, making her an essential asset for risk managers and IT security analysts.


Expands Your Third-Party Risk Management Scope

Krista elevates risk awareness and job satisfaction by efficiently populating assessments and documenting findings without increasing your team size. This allows your staff to dedicate more time to strategic risk management initiatives, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Why Krista?

Enterprise-wide AI

Rapid cost-effective deployments

Confident and accurate

How Krista Works

Provide Vendor Documentation to Krista

Initiating the process is simple. A risk manager can directly supply vendor documentation to Krista, or the process can be automated through integration with your GRC or TPRM platform. Krista is flexible and fits into your existing workflows.

Confirm the Assessment You Want Krista to Complete

Krista is adaptable in selecting the appropriate assessment for completion. She can autonomously identify the most relevant assessment based on the provided documentation or collaborate with your risk manager to determine the best fit.

Review the Completed Assessment, Gaps, and Questions with Findings

Krista presents a comprehensive assessment report after processing supplier documents. This includes answers supported by the provided documents, identification of information gaps and discrepancies against your standards, and helping you quickly identify findings. Additionally, Krista provides a response confidence score for each answer and cites sources she used, making each response explainable and providing transparency to how the question was answered.

Krista Converses with the Risk Manager About Follow-up Actions (Or Performs Them Automatically)

Krista extends her functionality by handling follow-up actions through direct communication with the risk manager or autonomously. She can distribute the completed assessment to involved parties, request missing documentation, and engage with business stakeholders to enhance risk awareness.

Krista Posts Results in Your Systems of Record

Krista integrates with your existing systems and posts the outcomes of assessments and findings directly into your GRC, TPRM, Audit, or Ticketing tools. This ensures that all risk-related data is centrally stored and easily accessible, reinforcing the streamlined vendor document reviews and enhancing organizational risk posture.

Krista Works Across Your Organization!

Krista’s utility extends beyond vendor risk assessments. She is equipped to assist with ESG, business, and control assessments. Her ability to support various risk activities across the organization demonstrates her value in expanding your third-party risk management scope without necessitating an increase in team size.

Deploy your AI-led assessment assistant in minutes

Krista helps you deploy AI easier and faster than you could ever imagine. Try Krista today.

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