Provide Instant HR Answers with AI Precision

Navigate employee policies, procedures, and benefits with an AI-led Knowledge Management Assistant—accurate, private, and tailored to your company.

Who is Krista for?

Whether you’re in human resources, operations, or IT, Krista improves your employee experiences at lower costs.

You're drowning in repetitive HR inquiries; your employees deserve faster answers.

Providing your employees with self-service access to information frees your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

You've tried ChatGPT and Gemini but can't get them to work correctly.

It is important to deliver accurate answers to the right roles based on the correct information.

You are concerned about data security and privacy.

You need robust security and privacy measures to safeguard sensitive employee information and ensure compliance.

You are overwhelmed with building a custom AI solution and need a faster approach.

You need fast time to value and don't want to deal with the complexities of building from scratch.

How Krista Improves Human Resources

Krista orchestrates your human resources processes across your people, systems, and AI.


Automates Repetitive HR Inquiries

Streamline your HR operations and improve employee experience by automating answers to frequently asked questions about policies, benefits, and procedures. Krista reduces HR expenses associated with answering repetitive inquiries and enhances employee satisfaction by providing immediate and accurate information.


Builds Trust with Policy-Driven, Accurate Answers

Ensure consistent and reliable information reaches all employees by leveraging an AI assistant that provides policy-compliant answers. Krista eliminates the risk of misinformation and fosters trust within your workforce by guaranteeing everyone receives the same accurate and up-to-date information directly from the source.


Enhances Engagement with Personalized Guidance

Enhance the onboarding experience for new hires by providing them with self-service access to personalized resources and information through a generative AI assistant. Krista empowers them to find answers to their questions independently, accelerating their knowledge acquisition and boosting overall engagement from day one.


Enables you to Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Free your HR professionals from the burden of answering repetitive questions about policies and procedures. By delegating these tasks to Krista, your HR team can focus their time and expertise on high-impact projects that drive strategic initiatives and contribute directly to the success of your organization.

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Deploys in Weeks, Not Months

Krista eliminates the complexities and costs associated with building a custom AI solution from scratch. Krista’s integration methods enable you to deploy HR assistants quickly and efficiently, typically within weeks. This allows you to experience fast time to value and move on to more AI-powered projects.


Prioritizes Security and Protects Sensitive Data

Krista maintains the highest level of security for your employees’ sensitive information. Krista is built with robust security measures that safeguard data privacy and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. This allows you to confidently implement an AI solution, knowing that employee information remains protected.


Why Krista?

Enterprise-wide AI

Rapid cost-effective deployments

Confident and accurate

How Krista Works

Krista Reads and Understands your Policies and FAQs

Krista reads your HR and procedural documents, such as onboarding, travel, FMLA, and health insurance, and uses this content to answer employee questions.

Krista Understands Access, Security Controls, and Efficacy Dates

Krista helps you define specific attributes to the documents to delineate who has access to them based on roles, geographic locations, and time. Krista’s security controls restrict viewing sensitive documents to authorized personnel only and provide answers on only the most current policies.

Krista Retrieves Your Real-Time Data to Generate Answers

Krista integrates with your payroll, HR, and supporting systems via APIs for real-time data retrieval based on the context of the question or request. It’s crucial to support dynamic data that may fluctuate, such as employee or policy status, in order to generate accurate answers.

Krista Provides Accurate Answers in an Intuitive Conversational Interface

Krista is capable of addressing HR-related queries by utilizing both stored documents and real-time data 24×7. Krista is sophisticated enough to recognize and handle context-specific questions about company policies that vary by role, business unit, and country.

Deploy your AI-led HR assistant in weeks, not months

Krista helps you deploy AI easier and faster than you could ever imagine. Try Krista today.

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