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This is Your AI Copilot Speaking

AI copilots are generative AI engines that assist users in point tasks such as writing emails, summarizing customer cases, and generating code. AI copilots can be used in a variety

What TPRM Professionals Think About AI

In Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM), adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents both an opportunity and a dilemma. One, if you should use AI, and second, for what tasks. I talked with

The Future of Third-Party Risk Management

Most third-party risk lifecycles adhere to a similar pattern: planning, due diligence, contract negotiations, ongoing monitoring, and termination. However, the management and responsibility of these processes differ significantly across organizations.

AI Fear and the Fear of Missing Out

Embracing technological change via automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. Delaying AI use in your company can hinder progress and put you farther behind

Generative AI for Agile Knowledge Management

Generative AI is Accelerating Everything Generative AI (GenAI) is influencing nearly all processes in our businesses and none so much as knowledge management systems. Employees want a better experience and

GenAI is Great, But…

Generative AI vs Predictors and Categorizers Generative AI is hot and has ignited our imaginations. However, it’s important to highlight that there are other AI capabilities, like predictors and categorizers,

Setup Guide: How to Deploy AI to Respond to Emails

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