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Intelligent Automation for Security Incident Management

Security Teams are Overwhelmed

Securing your enterprise continues to be challenging as there is no longer a perimeter. Implementing “zero trust” still leaves you vulnerable as BYO devices and at-home-workers accessing corporate assets introduce risk and open up your systems to attacks. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a security breach occurs in today’s evolving threat landscape. Security organizations need to act swiftly and effectively to enhance their cyber resilience and restore their secure state — however, this isn’t easy using conventional security platforms.

According to IT analyst firm ESG, 40% of security professionals use 10 to 25 different tools, and 30% use as many as 50. These security professionals state that managing the array of point tools makes security operations complex and time-consuming. Security organizations have too many tools, too many alerts, and too few staff to comb through millions of threat alerts.

The hard truth is, while the primary purpose of the CSO’s analyst team is to resolve security incidents promptly, it is not humanly possible to respond to every alert—unless it is automated.

“We are going through major growth and transformation to keep up with the cybersecurity market. During this time of transformation, we focused on building efficiencies in everything we do and one of the primary areas was around our customer experience lifecycle. We would not have been able to transform and improve our customer experience without Krista.“ - CEO, Managed Security Service Provider

Intelligent Security Automation

Krista Intelligent Automation enables an overextended security team to protect the organization more efficiently. Krista connects and orchestrates disparate security tools and feeds to centralize communication. Aggregating disparate user interfaces reduces the administration burden and creates time for your security analysts to perform more meaningful work.

Krista provides a simple conversational interface and helps orchestrate threat intelligence and incident management workflows that security analysts perform every day. By eliminating time-consuming administration processes and centralizing communication, teams can more effectively neutralize attacks, reduce human error, and reduce the meantime to recovery (MTTR). Centralizing data feeds and team communication simplifies information transfer from team to team in a follow-the-sun model and automates documentation and reporting.

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Enrich Threat Intelligence with AI

Centralizing threat intelligence and incident management with Krista removes mundane data lookup tasks and reporting. More importantly, Krista enriches your threat intelligence feeds using powerful artificial intelligence (AI). Krista’s AI prioritizes alerts and provides your security teams with vital information on which threats need immediate attention and which pose more minor threats.

Krista’s AI-led intelligent automation is “people-centric,” meaning the technology adapts to people rather than the other way around. Its conversation-based workflows simplify the environment, freeing analysts to spend more time researching security threats and verifying critical vulnerabilities.

Flexible Incident Management

Krista provides your security teams a single conversational interface to manage all of the disparate technologies and tools used to protect your business. Krista Intelligent Automation and AI prioritizes alerts and streamlines your incident management and remediation processes. If you don’t have a specific process, create one with Krista. Krista’s conversations are simple to construct and don’t require development resources. Analysts can easily modify business rules themselves since Krista is a “nothing like code” experience.

Easily customizable, Krista ensures that tickets and workflows are easily transferred from one person on your team to another using intuitive conversations. Each workflow provides rich context on each priority alert saving countless man-hours. Krista also enables your team to remove software development constraints. Workflow construction or edits are simple to modify since Krista doesn’t require software development skills or technical knowledge. Analysts only need to know what information they need from which system.

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What is Intelligent Security Automation and Why You Need It

In the ever-evolving threat landscape, it is not a matter of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ a cybersecurity breach occurs. Acting swiftly and effectively can enhance an organization’s cyber resilience and restore it to its secure state. However, this isn’t easy with conventional security platforms. SOCs have too many tools.

Case Study | Security Operations Automation

An MSSP reduced MTTR by 25% with Krista by removing redundant alerts and automating incident management across multiple systems. Automating processes allowed the company to grow top-line services revenue without needing to add security personnel.

Intelligent Automation for Security- Krista Software

Intelligent Automation for Security Orchestration

Intelligent Automation for Security Orchestration details how you can automate security processes, remove administration burdens, and use AI to help prioritize alerts. Read how Krista compares to leading SOAR platforms.

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