Automate business outcomes with Krista.

Common Krista use cases include:

    • AI Knowledge Management Assistants – Krista answers any question from any system to help your employees quickly get what they need.
    • AI for Risk Management – Krista populates SIGs and assessment forms to help you manage more risk with greater controls.
    • Contact Center AI Assistants – Krista intelligently responds to inbound emails and chat messages from customers using data from your systems.

Contact us about your AI use case or request a trial.

What our customers say

Vamsi Kurukuri

“With Krista, Zimperium automated its software deployment process, reducing a 4+ hour manual process to mere minutes, across hundreds of environments. This improvement led a 400% ROI and empowered Zimperium’s engineers and developers to focus on what they do best — developing the most secure software possible for their clients.”
Vamsi Kurukuri, VP Site Reliability and Engineering

“Krista, with its approach to human-centric applications we can bring to market solutions that are custom to us but on a flexible, scalable, and auditable platform that any business analyst can maintain. We are building solutions that would take 9 months with an industry-leading specialized point solution in literally a few weeks. That is true business transformation when we go from ideation to value in that time cycle.”
Cijoy Olickal, CIO

Cijoy Olickal
Stephen Chau

“Krista is a differentiated solution and will help our businesses streamline and automate electronic processes to serve customers better.”
Stephen Chau, CTO SmarTone

“Krista’s goal is to become a zero-training, familiar interface to the many systems typically required for a specific job, driving down complexity and training needs, increasing utilization of IT systems, enabling IT agility, and increasing compliance.”
Tom Reuner, SVP HFS

“Krista’s innovative conversational approach to digital process automation blew us away. Krista is helping organizations solve complex problems and reduce the complexities for almost any use case. Krista’s flexibility, ease of use, and ability to adapt her approach to meet the changing needs of her clients are unique.”
Alan Pelz-Sharpe, CEO

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