Revolutionizing eCommerce: How AI-driven Automation Transformed a North American Store’s Customer Service Operations

August 9, 2023


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Conventional Contact Centers and Their Limitations

A North American eCommerce store was struggling with an expensive and inefficient contact center. The company spent millions annually on a large customer service team that was primarily offshore, leading to extended response times often exceeding 24 hours. The competitive landscape compelled the decision-makers at this eCommerce store to seek out opportunities to enhance operations, streamline their contact center, reduce costs, and expedite customer resolutions to remain competitive. Observing the growing trend and possibilities of AI, they desired to leverage AI to answer customer queries using data from its ERP system.

AI-Driven Automation with Krista

The eCommerce store implemented Krista Cognitive Issue Resolution, an AI-driven intelligent automation solution designed to automate business workflows. Krista applies natural language processing (NLP) to comprehend a customer’s intent, extract data from relevant systems like ERP, and generate an intelligent response suggesting the next best action.

The Impact of AI on Customer Service and Operational Costs

With the integration and operationalization of AI through Krista, the eCommerce store revolutionized its customer service operations. By providing instantaneous customer responses and accessing necessary customer and order information from the ERP, it ensured swift and precise responses. The organization anticipates a substantial reduction in operating costs as more tasks are shifted to AI software. Concurrently, this AI-aided model aims to elevate the quality of their customer service, achieving superior resolution times. This advanced approach not only optimizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but it also boosts customer satisfaction, marking a significant transformation for the eCommerce store’s contact center operations.

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