The Analogy: Power BI and Krista

March 4, 2024

Data analytics and the realm of artificial intelligence hold immense power for businesses, but unlocking their full potential can be complex. Power BI, a leading business intelligence tool, excels at gathering data from various systems, visualizing it, and creating insightful reports. But that’s it. You still need to make decisions and execute them based on the data insight. This is Krista. Krista takes a similar approach for AI—it acts as an orchestration layer, connecting your systems and AI models in an easy-to-understand conversational interface. Let’s explore how these two tools parallel each other and how they can transform the way you interact with data and AI capabilities.

What does Power BI do?

  • Problem it solves: Traditional reporting in systems of record is often siloed and limited in customization. It may not easily combine data across various systems or provide the flexibility to tailor insights to specific business questions.
  • How it works: Power BI offers a centralized platform to bring data together from multiple sources, visualize it, create custom dashboards, and craft reports that answer complex, cross-functional questions.
  • Value: Provides a holistic view of business operations and supports faster, more informed decision-making.

Krista automates what the data suggests

  • Problem it solves: AI models and automation tools often exist in isolation, difficult to integrate into existing systems and business processes. This limits their practical value, requires specialized data science knowledge, and can lead to underutilization.
  • How it works: Krista acts as an orchestration and communication layer for AI-led business processes spanning siloed systems. It connects different systems of record, AI models, and people through natural language and conversational interfaces.
  • Value: Democratizes the use of AI, reduces technical barriers for implementation, automates entire processes, and provides easy to understand experiences for your employees.

The Case for Krista

  1. Unifying Disparate AI Capabilities: Similar to how Power BI gathers data from different systems, Krista can manages and interacts with a variety of AI models (from your own company or third-party vendors). This eliminates the need to navigate multiple, complex AI interfaces that are embedded into different products.
  2. Natural Language as the Interface: Krista’s conversational interface is the equivalent of Power BI’s visual drag-and-drop tools. Business users interact with AI and data in an intuitive way, without requiring coding skills or AI expertise.
  3. End-to-End Process Automation: While Power BI excels at visualizing data, Krista can actually trigger actions and string together tasks across systems and AI models. Imagine creating a “report” that not only analyzes customer service trends from multiple systems, but automatically generates suggested actions, or initiates contact with high-risk customers– all through a conversational interface.

What would an example look like?

  • Power BI: Provides insights into low inventory across different warehouses, sales declines, and backlogs.
  • Krista
    • Understands commands like “investigate the cause of sales declines”.
    • Runs different AI models against data from your system of records, external sources, and even visual analysis to pinpoint the exact issue.
    • Recommends inventory adjustments or targeted promotional campaigns through a conversation with the relevant stakeholder.
    • Potentially executes some of those actions autonomously.

Krista is to AI what Power BI is to analytics: an orchestration and usability layer that amplifies the value of existing capabilities, unlocks ease of use, and extends functionality beyond simple data presentation.

Which unique processes or repetitive tasks drain your resources and could benefit from AI and automation? Krista can transform the way your teams operate so you can focus on strategy to build a competitive advantage. Whether streamlining customer support interactions, speeding up vendor risk assessments, or creating powerful employee assistants that know your business inside and out, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your specialized use cases and discover how Krista can revolutionize your workflows.

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