Transform Risk Management with Krista Third-Party Assessment Assistant


Overwhelmed by Third-Party Assessments

Third-Party Risk Managers, CISOs, and procurement professionals face the daunting task of assessing the numerous third parties engaged with their enterprises. With limited time and resources, these professionals need to increase the quality of third-party risk analysis, perform more assessments, and reduce the time spent on each assessment, all while maintaining high standards of risk management.

Krista’s sweet spot is where multiple people and system capabilities must be orchestrated to perform a valuable business outcome, especially where changes to the process are frequent and machine learning could be applied to optimize the process.

Tom Reuner, HFS Research

Inefficient Processes and Missed Opportunities

Conventional GRC platforms, third-party management platforms, procurement platforms, assessment tools, and office suites only issue assessments and reminders, failing to address the challenges faced by risk professionals. When vendors respond with security packets or other documents instead of direct answers, the assessment process becomes even more time-consuming and complex, leading to missed opportunities and ineffective risk management.


Krista Third Party Assessment Assistant: Your AI-Driven Assessment Ally

Krista Third Party Assessment Assistant is a configurable, conversational AI-powered assessment assistant designed to streamline the third-party risk assessment process. Krista assists risk professionals by using AI and automation to complete assessments more efficiently and with higher quality, even when vendors provide indirect answers through security packets or other documents.

Unlike traditional tools, Krista offers a more modern, comprehensive, and efficient approach to third-party risk management, enabling professionals to effectively assess and mitigate risks while saving time and resources. Krista helps you save time using document understanding AI to extract data from vendor security documentation, certificates, SOC2 reports, or other documents and places that data into your compliance app. When some level of risk is identified, Krista uses generative AI to create follow-up issues to help manage risk. Transform your third-party risk management with the power of Krista Third Party Assessment Assistant. 

Krista Provides a Path to the Automated Organization

Transform Risk Management with Krista Third-Party Assessment Assistant​

Reduce Assessment Timelines and Scale Operations

Automate assessment processes using AI-powered orchestration. Krista automates and orchestrates processes for you so you can shorten assessment timelines and become more efficient.

Improve Risk Management Quality

Assess more vendors more often to broaden risk management. Krista helps you assess more vendors in less time to increase risk management accuracy and quality.

Streamline Vendor Document Reviews

Simplify vendor management with conversational AI and build better relationships. Krista's document understanding and conversational AI improves processes and removes constraints.

Increase Risk Visibility from Third Parties

Collaborate with more stakeholders about third-party issues. Krista orchestrates risk management processes in contextual conversations so teams can stay informed.

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