Conversations are the integration model
for people, and now, systems

Digital transformation requires building processes across apps, people, and AI. However, integrating systems has been a problem ever since there was a second system. Fortunately, there are plenty of mature integration tools allowing systems to pass requests and data to each other, but they still require technically skilled resources to implement and change.

What if you could democratize changes to business processes using conversations?

What if you could integrate once and “ask a system” for information based on your individual needs?

Download “Conversations are the integration model for people, and now, systems” and discover:

  • How to become more agile by abstracting automation business logic from system integration infrastructure
  • How natural language quickly finds information by “asking a system”
  • How to use conversation responses as machine learning data to better train the AI to improve automations over time
Jason English

Jason English

Principal Analyst & CMO

About the Author

Jason “JE” English is Principal Analyst and CMO at Intellyx. Drawing on expertise in designing, marketing and selling enterprise software and services, he is focused on covering how agile collaboration between customers, partners and employees accelerates innovation.
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