How to Deploy AI to Reply to Customer Service Email and Chat

Executive Summary

Advances in AI have revolutionized our expectations of human-to-computer interaction. Its sudden surge in popularity caused executives to wonder how to effectively utilize it within their businesses. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how an AI orchestration platform, specifically Krista, can be used to read intent from customer emails and chats, look up information from your systems and reply with relevant responses to improve the overall customer service experience. We will discuss the challenges of implementing and governing AI, as well as strategies for deploying it effectively.

Table of Contents


    1. Executive Summary
    2. Customer Service Organizations are Overwhelmed
    3. Generative AI Makes it Look Easy
    4. Can I just use ChatGPT or BARD in my enterprise?
    5. How can I use my company’s data with LLMs?
    6. Implementing AI Across Systems is Challenging
    7. The Intricacies of Enterprise Implementation
    8. How to Implement AI to Reply to Customer Emails and Chats
    9. Case Study – Revolutionizing eCommerce Customer Support
    10. Krista AI-led Intelligent Automation Platform
    11. AI’s Impact on Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency

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