Krista’s platform meets enterprises’ urgent need to integrate AI at speed and scale

Traditional integration approaches are failing under the weight of AI demand.

Recent breakthroughs in generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) have opened a world of possibilities for businesses; it could impact and improve every process from the front office to the back. As executives rush to get their heads around GenAI, IT leaders face a sudden demand for AI from all parts of the business. They can’t meet this rapidly rising demand with their current resources and methods, and existing pipelines are not agile and scalable enough to support integrating all the AI requests.

To cope with the increasing demand and variety of AI requirements, senior IT leaders must evaluate faster integration methods enabled by secure and easy-to- use features of a dedicated, enterprise-wide platform. Providers such as Krista can help fill this need.

“With the onslaught of GenAI, enterprises must proceed at pace to seamlessly integrate a broad set of AI capabilities. Krista’s AI iPaaS might be the right starting point.”

Tom Reuner, HFS Research


Tom Reuner

Senior Vice President at HFS research

About the Author

Tom Reuner is a Research Leader at HFS. Tom is responsible for driving the HFS research agenda for IT services, including the change agents of intelligent automation and AI. A central theme of his research is the increasing link between technological evolution and evolution in the delivery of business processes. In particular, he will focus on the future of work and the testing of innovation. Tom is UK based.

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